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Your options

You make use of our pre-built customizable interface and be up and running in a matter of hours. You provide an individual look through choice of colors, logos and custom text then we handle the rest. We host your site, we bill your customers. No development work is required on your part. You can be offering the same services as big name registrars almost instantly.


Support and your customers

Support is provided by RSI and its agents to members of our program only. It will be your responsibility to support end users. You control the level and quality of service that your customers receive.


Pricing and sales

We offer a low wholesale rate for domain registrations and web hosting. You pay as little as $8.00 per domain per year through our pre-built, customizable interface. Any money you generate above the wholesale price is yours to keep. You can also use our web hosting system. This automatically shows on your interface and the customer does the rest. Customer pricing starts at $24.95/year for hosting and you receive a 50% commission. All provided through a web secure payment system. There are no complicated pricing structures, no minimum number of registrations and no minimum balance is required to receive our most competitive rate. There is no astronomical joining fee required to take advantage of these great prices either.


Joining our Program

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